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Vermont Commons School challenges students daily with interdisciplinary curriculum taught by dedicated faculty who empower students to feel a sense of place and how it relates to the larger environment. The small class size offers personalized attention and allows for meaningful relationships between teachers and students. Learn more about our faculty below. You can also view our faculty and administration listed by department here.

Christie Beveridge Howell

English Department Chair, English Instructor - Appointed 2010

M.A. English, Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College Learn more...

Jenna Bisset

Learning Specialist, School Counselor - Appointed 2015

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Vermont Learn more...

Chance Cardamone-Knewstub

Spanish Instructor, Ultimate Frisbee Coach - Appointed 2003

Masters of Public Health, International Health and Development, Tulane University Learn more...

Mark Cline Lucey

Social Studies Department Chair, Research & Service Program Director - Appointed 2004 (On Sabbatical for Fall 2017)

M.A. History, Brooklyn College Learn more...

Jennifer Cohen

English Instructor, English Enrichment - Appointed 2004

M.A. Theology, Harvard University; Masters in Teaching English, University of Washington Learn more...

Adriana Comtois

World Languages Chair, Spanish Teacher, Development Assistant - Appointed 2005

M.A. Teaching English in a Second Language, Saint Michael's College Learn more...

Kaylee Contois

6th Grade Music Instructor - Appointed 2016

B.A. in Music Instruction and Engineering, Berklee School of Music Learn more...

Matt Davide

Music Instructor, Jazz Band Leader, Cross Country Coach - Appointed 2016

B.S. Music Education, University of Vermont Learn more...

Peter Goff

Science Department Chair, Master Teacher, Volleyball Coach, Athletics Director - Appointed 1997

ABD (PhD Evolutionary Biology), Vanderbilt University Learn more...

Diana Guyer

Math Department Chair, Math Instructor - Appointed 2016

M.S. & B.S. Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry, Comenius University, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Information Science, Bratislava, Slovakia Learn more...

Jory Hearst

English & Social Studies Instructor - Appointed 2015

M.A. Teaching English at a Secondary Level; M.A. Children's Literature, Simmons College Learn more...

Mark Keegan

Science Instructor, National Honor Society Advisor - Appointed 2013

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Cornell University Learn more...

Yiwei Lin

Chinese Instructor - Appointed 2017

M.A. Education, Castleton University Learn more...

Kris Mohlman

Science & Math Instructor - Appointed 2015

B.A. Geology, Bowdoin College Learn more...

Ben Patrick

Visual and Performing Arts Chair, Artist in Residence - Appointed 2004

M.S. Art and Design Education, Pratt Institute Learn more...

Kyler Star

Athletic Director - MS, Mathematics, University of Vermont...learn more

Ben Wang

Encounter Weeks Director, World Languages & Social Studies Instructor - Appointed 2009

M.S. Natural Resource Planning, University of Vermont Learn more...

Scholarship. Community. Global Responsibility.

At Vermont Commons School, our goal is to engage students with their world. We achieve this through programs and a curriculum grounded in local and global involvement.