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Alumni Spotlight

“VCS always gave me a sense of my place in our environment at large… We are all so very different. We view and measure the world around us in different ways; through different eyes. I would say to the current, past, and prospective students at Vermont Commons School: work hard and appreciate the people who support you! Love yourself but also embrace the struggles of those around you with understanding. Never, ever let anyone define what success means to you.”

Sam Barrocas ’08

Read more about Sam’s philosophy and adventures over the past 10 or so years here.





“VCS instilled a respect for academics, the importance of a well rounded perspective, a good attitude, and a curiosity in travel. While I never studied photography in high school, those values aided me throughout my life and now in my everyday work.”

Julia Luckett Cox ’08

Read more about Julia’s philosophy of photography and memories of VCS here.



Scholarship. Community. Global Responsibility.

At Vermont Commons School, our goal is to engage students with their world. We achieve this through programs and a curriculum grounded in local and global involvement.